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平原綾香「AYAKA HIRAHARA Concert Tour 2012〜ドキッ!〜」 


7 Live 


平原綾香「AYAKA HIRAHARA Concert Tour 2012〜ドキッ!〜」 


8 Live 


平原綾香「AYAKA HIRAHARA Concert Tour 2012〜ドキッ!〜」 


13 Live 


平原綾香「AYAKA HIRAHARA Concert Tour 2012〜ドキッ!〜」 


TV Support musician 


14 Live 


平原綾香「AYAKA HIRAHARA Concert Tour 2012〜ドキッ!〜」 


TV Support musician 


16 Live 


平原綾香「AYAKA HIRAHARA Concert Tour 2012〜ドキッ!〜」 


21 Live 


平原綾香「AYAKA HIRAHARA Concert Tour 2012〜ドキッ!〜」 


20 TV Support musician 


22 Live 


平原綾香「AYAKA HIRAHARA Concert Tour 2012〜ドキッ!〜」 


25 Live 


楠瀬誠志郎「Seishiro Kusunose LIVE 2012 I Suoni della vacanza」 


27 TV Support musician 



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